Our Mission

The mission of the Holy Trinity Athletic Department is to provide positive athletic experiences for every child in the parish in a wholesome, nurturing, Christian environment.

Holy Trinity Sports By Season

Fall Sports

Our Fall Sports include: 

  • Flag Football 1st-2nd grades
  • Flag Football (girls) 5-8th grade
  • Co-ed K-2 Soccer
  • Tackle Football 3rd-8th grades

(Sign-ups are typically held in March, April or May for Fall Sports)

Winter Sports

Our Winter Sports include:

  • Girls Basketball 1st-8th grade
  • Boys Basketball 1st-8th grade
  • Archery 3rd-8th grade
  • Swimming 1st-8th grade

(Sign-ups are typically held in September and October for Winter Sports)

Spring Sports

Our Spring Sports include: 

  • Volleyball (boys) 1st-8th grade
  • Boys and Girls Soccer K-8th grade
  • Track and field 1st-8th grade
  • Boys Lacrosse 3rd-8th grade
  • Girls Lacrosse 3rd-8th grade
  • Tennis 3rd-8th grade

(Sign-ups are typically held in December or January for Spring Sports)

Summer Sports

Our Summer Sports include: 

  • Girls Field Hockey 3rd-8th grade
  • Golf 3rd-8th grade
  • Softball 5th-8th grade (tentative)
  • Baseball 3rd-8th grade (tentative)

(Sign-ups are typically held in February or March for Summer Sports)

Holy Trinity Spirit Wear

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Catholic Schools Athletic Association

At Holy Trinity Catholic School all of our sports are governed by the Catholic Schools Athletic Association of Louisville.

The CSAA aims to offer organized and supervised sports leagues for grade school students, emphasizing sportsmanship and skill development while nurturing personal growth.

CSAA programs prioritize fostering the development of God-given talents and character in all our athletes.

Athletics Department Directory

Executive Board

Name Title Phone
Jody Demling Director of Sports Ministry 502-424-9617
Kerrie Clasen Athletic Director 502-262-2298
Chip Hayward Assistant Athletic Director 502-295-5555
Geoff Wilkinson Assistant Athletic Director 502-639-7153
Liz Braun Secretary 513-515-2308

Sports Coordinators

Name Title Phone
Andy Perez Archery 502-656-5208
Nic Hoelscher Archery 323-855-1922
Zack Grizzle Basketball (3-8) 502-386-9748
Don Kohler Basketball (9-12) 502-296-1358
Jennifer Wilkinson Cheerleading 502-641-1548
Wes Orr Cross Country 502-376-7896
Nigale Reibel Field Hockey 502-608-8175
Daniel Johnson Flag Football (1-2) 502-301-0848
Paul Weis Football (3-8), Flag Football (Girls 5-8) 502-759-1360
E.P. Scherer Golf 502-802-9068
Jason West Lacrosse (Boys 3-8) 502-263-3154
Sarah Mascarich Lacrosse (Girls 3-8) 502-457-1229
Lee Weyland Soccer (3-8) 502-387-2476
Scott Cress Soccer (3-8) 812-207-5721
Lee Weyland Soccer (K-2) 502-387-2476
Scott Cress Soccer (K-2) 812-207-5721
Jennie York Swimming 502-494-4433
Sarah Mascarich Swimming 502-457-1229
Jo-Dee Jackson Tennis (3-8) 502-744-5153
Sarah Banta Tennis (3-8) 502-741-4792
Heidi Johnston Track (1-4), Track (5-8) 502-671-3150
Julie McDonnell Volleyball (Boys) 502-836-1525
Jaime Heun Volleyball (Girls) 502-797-0535