Title Name
Head of Schools Jack Richards
Principal – Clifton Campus Paula Watkins
Assistant Principal Dee Bacigalupi
Director of Mission Advancement Molly Willer
Director of Student Achievement Courtney Billig
Director of Student Achievement Lisa Moretti
Director of Student Activities Ashley Davenport
Counselor Kary Scinta
Counselor Rebeca Khoury
Counselor – Clifton Campus Amy Cundiff


Title Name
School Admininstrative Assistant / Bookkeeper Jeanne Abell
School Office Manager Kristen Wilkins
School Office Assistant Dana Barnes
Administrative Assistant – Clifton Campus Katie Ruxer
School Nurse Amy Hubbs
Café Cashier Becca Lally
Café Manager Joe Pennington
Advancement Administrative Assistant Meagan Tindall
Head of Maintenance Fred Werner
Maintenance Assistant Rob Dunkel
Maintenance Technician Brook Holdaway

Clifton Faculty

Title Name
K / 1st Grade Teacher Gina Vaccaro
K / 1st Grade Instructional Assistant Ann Drury
K / 1st Grade Instructional Assistant Liz Keller
2nd Grade Teacher Kris Schmitt
2nd Grade Instructional Assistant Jackie Donahue
3rd Grade Teacher Jennifer Richards
3rd Grade Instructional Assistant Shannon Becker
4th Grade Teacher Maggie McKune
4th Grade Instructional Assistant Alexis Morales
5th Grade Teacher Eric Koestel
5th Grade Instructional Assistant Karen Alpiger
6th Grade Teacher Tory Graham
6th Grade Instructional Assistant Bernadette Johnston
7th Grade Teacher Emmy Rawlins
8th Grade Teacher Sydney Haydon
Art / Stem Teacher Aerie Meredith
Orton Gillingham Resource Teacher Caroline Allen
Occupational Therapy Teacher Ashley Berger
Speech Therapy Teacher Cristin Linebach
Special Area Teacher Peyton Bishop

St. Matthews Faculty



Title Name
Pre-K Teacher Anne Helm
Pre-K Teacher Ann Hughes
Pre-K Teacher Beth Perdue
Pre-K Instructional Assistant Keith Bell
Pre-K Instructional Assistant Lisa Davis
Pre-K Instructional Assistant Sammie Ehrhard
Pre-K Instructional Assistant Danielle Koerber
Pre-K Instructional Assistant Candace Nelson



Title Name
Kindergarten Teacher Katie Baker
Kindergarten Teacher Peggy Gray
Kindergarten Teacher Julia Melder
Kindergarten Teacher Kelley Powers
Kindergarten Instructional Assistant Stacey Campisano
Kindergarten Instructional Assistant Jeanie Deskins
Kindergarten Instructional Assistant Allison Kammeyer
Kindergarten Instructional Assistant Becky Walker

First Grade


Title Name
1st Grade Teacher Alice Kervin
1st Grade Teacher Rebecca Prechtel
1st Grade Teacher Amy Sharp
1st Grade Instructional Assistant Candace Hancock
1st Grade Instructional Assistant Lindsay Harden
1st Grade Instructional Assistant Ashlie Mercer
1st Grade Instructional Assistant Nora Sutherland
1st Grade Instructional Assistant Donna Watkins
1st Grade Instructional Assistant Kelly West

Second Grade


Title Name
2nd Grade Teacher Allie Blackburn
2nd Grade Teacher Lauren Timperio
2nd Grade Teacher Mary-Charles Zoppoth
2nd Grade Instructional Assistant Nikki Allgeier
2nd Grade Instructional Assistant Susan Heitmann
2nd Grade Instructional Assistant DeMaris King

Third Grade


Title Name
3rd Grade Teacher Kathleen Braun
3rd Grade Teacher Hailey Brown
3rd Grade Teacher Beth Mitchell
3rd Grade Instructional Assistant Catherine Barton
3rd Grade Instructional Assistant Kathy Finnegan
3rd Grade Instructional Assistant Sydney Riede
3rd Grade Instructional Assistant Sierra Miedaner

Fourth Grade


Title Name
4th Grade Religion / Social Studies Teacher Libba Schuhmann
4th Grade LA / Lit Teacher Lori Driskell
4th Grade Math / Science Teacher Tiffany Horner
4th Grade Instructional Assistant Courtney Tharp

Fifth Grade


Title Name
5th Grade Math / Science Teacher Katie Smith
5th Grade Religion / Social Studies Teacher Wendy Stewart
5th Grade LA / Lit Teacher Jeanne Theiss
5th Grade Instructional Assistant Dawn Baucco

Sixth Grade


Title Name
6th Grade Math / Science Teacher Todd Collard
6th Grade Religion / Social Studies Teacher Mary French
6th Grade LA / Lit Teacher Clare O’Driscoll
6th Grade Instructional Assistant Sarah Mascarich
6th Grade Instructional Assistant Kate Wesley

Seventh and Eighth Grade


Title Name
7th / 8th Grade Spanish Teacher Claudia Alfaro
7th / 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher Eric Awbrey
7th / 8th Grade Science Teacher Adren Cox
7th / 8th Grade Religion Teacher Jerry Ernstberger
7th / 8th Grade Math Teacher Michelle Hartlage
7th / 8th Grade Math Teacher Chloe Mitchell
7th Grade LA / Lit Teacher Meredeth Tapp
8th Grade LA / Lit Teacher Laura Yates
7th / 8th Grade Instructional Assistant Theresa Bradshaw
7th / 8th Grade Instructional Assistant Jenn Young

Special Area Teachers


Title Name
Technology Teacher Grace Barnes
Art Teacher Carey Given
Music / Drama Teacher Michelle Harrington
Librarian D. Dee Hill
7th / 8th Grade Public Speaking / Spanish Teacher Elenin Navarrete
PE Teacher Andrea Snyder
7th / 8th Grade Instructional Assistant Maureen Williams

Learning Specialists


Title Name
Math Specialist Michelle Hartlage
Reading Specialist Catie Smith

Faith Formation


Title Name
Assistant Director of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Agnes King
Theology of the Body / Family Minister Margaret Schay
Youth Minister Rachael Egger

IT Specialists


Title Name
IT Director Bob Dooley
Technology Support Specialist Jennifer Huber


Your Career at Holy Trinity

If you are interested in applying for a job, please complete the Archdiocesan application. This can be found on the Archdiocese of Louisville website. Please attach a cover letter and resume to the application and send it to:

Mr. Jack Richards
423 Cherrywood Road
Louisville, KY 40207

Or contact us via Email.

All open positions for Holy Trinity Catholic School will be placed on the Archdiocese of Louisville’s website.

Employment opportunities within Holy Trinity Catholic School shall be equal and non-discriminatory for all persons, regardless of race, national origin, color, sex, age, family status, limited English proficiency or disability.