School Purpose

Guided by the principles that Catholic schools are called to serve all children of the faith, Holy Trinity Clifton serves students with specific learning differences by offering a structured, individualized, high school preparatory curriculum, preparing them to be confident and competent lifelong learners.

Through Holy Trinity Catholic School, Holy Trinity Clifton School increases understanding and improves programs relating to learning disabilities by providing mainstreamed opportunities for students within the typical learning environment.

Who We Serve

Holy Trinity Clifton School serves students with average to above average aptitude who learn differently.  This may include (but not limited to) students diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, a specific learning disability, ADHD, and/or anxiety.

Our goal is to transition students back to their typical learning environment when they are ready to be independent and successful learners.

Clifton Instructional Methods

Holy Trinity Clifton’s literacy program is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach. What is Orton-Gillingham?

 We follow the core curriculum of the Archdiocese of Louisville. Instructional methods vary based on the needs of the children with the goal of skill retention and academic confidence.

Our teachers value differentiation and scaffolding that supports students to build high levels of comprehension and skill acquisition.

Instruction begins by focusing on the structure of language and gradually moves towards reading.

Students are explicitly taught study strategies, organizational skills, self-advocacy, and social-emotional thinking skills.

Class sizes will be an approximate 1:5 teacher-to-student ratio.

Minds-in-Motion is used on a daily basis to build up fine and gross motor development while assisting in eliminating any physical obstacles to academic success.

Enrichment Opportunities

Formation in the Faith

  • All students attend mass every Wednesday and Catholic students receive all sacraments at Holy Trinity Parish or at their home parish.

Liberal Arts

  • Art, drama, music, library, physical education, and technology instruction are built into the instructional programming.


  • Off-campus field trips support and enhance the curricular goals in the mainstreamed environment.

And So Much More

  • Athletics, PEP (Pupil Enrichment Program), Boy/Girl Scouts, and academic clubs are offered throughout the year.

Apply For Clifton

Please follow the steps below to complete Holy Trinity Clifton’s online application.
Note: Applications for Holy Trinity St. Matthews can be filled out here.

1. Parents, schedule a visit!

We would love to sit down with you and share the mission of Holy Trinity – Clifton and what we can offer your student.

2. Online Application

After your visit, complete the online application at the bottom of this page. If the child is a current Holy Trinity student, you will not need to complete an online application.

3. Submit School Records:

  • Report cards and progress reports for the past two years
  • Current School Accommodation Plan, IEP or 504 Plan
  • Birth Certificate, Sacramental information, immunization records, social security number, entry level physical
  • Current Standardized Test Scores
  • Full Psyco-educational Evaluation Report completed within the past two years (specifically W.I.S.C. III) *We can help you obtain this. Please contact the school for a list of referrals. The cost will be incurred by applicant.
  • Speech and Language Evaluation (if applicable)
  • Behavioral Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and/or Physical Therapy evaluation(s) if applicable to your child
  • Release of Records signed by parent/guardian Click here for form
  • Legal and/or court documents if applicable
  • Parents/guardians may be asked to update or provide additional testing to begin the admission process if more information is necessary to determine placement.
  • Previous school(s) contact form (completed by Holy Trinity Clifton)

4. Informal assessment by HTCS staff

5. Fill out information sheet

After a thorough review of the potential student’s complete application, Administration will notify the family: (1) Acceptance (2) Wait List (3) Non-Acceptance

Tuition assistance is available to qualified applicants through the Catholic Education Foundation. An application can be completed at

Priorities for Admission:

  1. Holy Trinity Parishioners with children already enrolled at Holy Trinity
  2. Holy Trinity Parishioners with children not yet in school
  3. Parishioners in good standing at other Archdiocesan Parishes/Schools (letter of good standing required)
  4. Non-parishioners, including non-Catholics